Nestor Torres (Ness Torres) Lancaster, PA, USA

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Nestor Torres (Ness Torres) Lancaster, PA, USA

Women of the world be warned! This man is a liar, cheater, manipulator and womanizer. He knows how to play women to get what he wants (sex, money, booze, use of your car, etc.). He will make you feel loved by telling you that he loves you and that you belong to him. Meanwhile this guy is telling countess other women the same thing.

He is a cheater and sex/porn addict. He will steal anything he can. He stole hundreds of dollars from me.

He will try to win your sympathy by telling you that his wife died. His poor wife died of uterine cancer. I suspect from undiagnosed STDs from him! He was a truck driver (over the road for 2 years). No doubt he has been with prostitutes.

I found his picture (neck down shot of his chest and abs) on sex sites advertising himself. Ladies, he sucks in the sack! Selfish and bossy!!!

He is sooooooo cheap!!!!!! He hates to spend money. Your money is fine. He was on welfare and food stamps. He calls his mommy and whines so she puts money on a card for him. He spends it on martinis at the bar or on wine/hard liquor at the liquor store.

You will find him sitting alone at the bar eating and drinking alcohol. He will drink martinis like a fish. Nestor is an alcoholic!!!

He is mad nuts when he drinks!!! He is physically, mentally and emotionally abusive!!!!!

He will give your kids tons of candy and ice cream to get them to like him (which is part of his plan of manipulation). You can’t date others but he sure can screw around but you will never know because he is a snake! Sly and sneaky!!!! He has two cell phones, one you will never see.

You will never feel emotionally close to him. He will never introduce you to his adult kids. He pops in to visit you when it suits him for an hour and then he is gone. He will tell you, “Just call me when you want it, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.” He is a male ho!!!! He will never be with one woman. If you argue with him, he will run to the next woman.

He currently works as a school bus driver part time. I got him the job by redoing his resume. So he drives the bus for about two hours a day. He is a lazy man. He does nothing without payback. He will tell you that you are unappreciative and make you feel guilty somehow if you complain that he doesn’t spend enough time with you.

He is a gambler too. Plays lottery everyday!

He just recently got low income housing in downtown Lancaster!! He and his family know how to play the system too!!!

This guy is 50 years old and behaves like a child!!!!! He is Passive-Aggressive. Don’t ask too many questions. He will lie, lie, lie. Or he will dodge the questions, ignore you or completely answer something other than your question. You can talk until you are blue in the face. He does not care!!!!

There is no reasoning with him. He is mentally disturbed. He will leave you feeling empty and depressed inside!!!! Ness Torres is a skilled player!!!!!!!! Players only love you when they are playing!!!!!!

He wears a bandana, cap or hat all the time because he is balding at the top. He has no bottom teeth. He has no top teeth and wears dentures!

Gross man.

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